Easily Chat With Your Customers!

By adding Facebook Business Chat to your website.

A Groundhogg product

Looking for a free live chat plugin for WordPress?

Getting started with Facebook Business chat is fast and simple, oh, and free!

Step 1

Install the WP Simple Chat plugin

Install the free WP Simple Chat WordPress plugin on your site. You can install it manually or through your WordPress plugins page in the Admin dashboard.

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin
  2. Go to the “Add New Plugin” area
  3. Search for “WP Simple Chat”
  4. Click Install.

Step 2

Retrieve your Facebook Page ID

Now we need to get your Business Facebook page ID.

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you can create one in a few minutes for free.

  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • Click on the About Tab
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Copy your Facebook Page ID

Step 3

Enable chat on your site!

  • Login to your WordPress Admin
  • Under the Settings menu click on “WP Simple Chat”
  • Enter your Page ID and enable the chat.
  • That’s IT!

What are the features?

Everything you need to quickly add live chat to your site.

Custom greetings

You can customize the greeting your visitors see based on a number of dynamic factors.

  • If the visitor is logged in
  • Based on a page they are viewing
  • If they are a contact in Groundhogg
  • and more!

You can also choose to disable the greeting altogether.

Show or hide the chat

You can display or hide the chat based on different factors as well.

  • If the visitor is logged in
  • On a page they are viewing
  • Based on the device they are using (Mobile/Desktop)
  • and more!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does WP Simple Chat require any paid services?

No, WP Simple Chat and the Facebook business chat service are both 100% FREE. You do not need to pay anything.

Why is it free?

We’re happy to provide this plugin free of charge to small businesses that need a quick chat solution for their WordPress site. We generate revenue from our other companies Groundhogg, MailHawk, and FormLift.

Do I need to have a Facebook page to use this plugin?

Yes, Facebook requires you have a Facebook page to enable live chat through the Facebook chat for business service.

Do site visitors need a Facebook account to use the chat?

No, they can use the chat as guest mode to chat with you without having to log into Facebook on their device.

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